My Mac Software List

Seems like there are a few “must have” Mac software lists out there so why not make my own?

Here’s what I find useful beyond the usual iLife and Office apps.

  • Ecto. Excellent blogging tool to author all these posts. Get a short time 20% discount until December 26.
  • Firefox. Although Safari is still my browser of choice, Firefox has more compatibility with Blogger and other web sites.
  • NetNewsWire Lite. Solid RSS news aggregator and reader to keep up with all the news from around the Web.
  • ImageWell. The free and lean image editor.
  • Roxio Toast Titanium 7. Apple’s CD burning is pretty basic. That’s where Toast comes in.
  • .Mac Backup. As part of subscribing to .Mac services, you get full access to this useful backup utility.
  • Gmail Notifier. The quick way to check Gmail.
  • iPodRip. Easily move music to and from iPods. All legal of course.
  • Quicksilver. Hard to explain but the best time saving app around.
  • Acqlite. Search the Gnutella peer-to-peer network. Old school but still useful.
  • Azureus. A Java-based BitTorrent client. Great for catching missed television shows.

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