Strange Product Placement?

Was shopping at our local Safeway and saw a very weird placement of products. The magazine aisle is next to the bakery section (which isn’t so weird), and I went to check out the latest issue of Slam magazine and also to see if they had Chocodiles in stock (don’t ask, too much Food Network).

I didn’t find any rare Chocodiles, just the usual Hostess snacks, but while flipping through Slam with AI on the cover, I looked up and saw a product stand for Elexa by Trojan. Yes, that Trojan. Supposedly, the Elexa line is “truly designed from a woman’s perspective” for those intimate times.

Trojan Elexa

Trojan Elexa

So periodicals, bagels and bread, and “sexual well-being products???” What strange product placement. But I guess if you’re looking for (Ho-)Hos, Twinkies, Ding DingsDongs, and Zingers then maybe the Elexa products are in the right place?

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