Coffee, Coffee Cream, and Exploding Coffee

Just a few updates about my drinking addiction to coffee… I found the new Starbucks canned Iced Coffee drink at the market and tried one. Not bad. The coffee flavor reminds me of a weak version of Starbucks Double Shot drink. Low in calories and fat, nice can design, a little on the pricey side. Would buy more of these when they go on sale. There’s also a Lite version that’s sweetened with Splenda.

I also sampled Coffee-mate’s new creamer flavor, Coconut Creme. The coconut flavor is pretty mild, but the aroma is great. Before you sip your coffee, you can smell that coconut and anticipate the taste. I think Coffee-mate learned this with their Chocolate Raspberry flavor. Same deal, great smell that enhances the flavor as you take a sip.

Lastly, I never did try my Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Latte in a self-heating can. I was holding on to it for just the right moment (like a power outage when I needed a caffeine fix), but now, I read this article talking about defects in the can that can cause serious damage to the consumer. Unofficially, about one in every five cans has some type of problem – not heating properly, funny taste, or even an exploding can. Yikes! Maybe I’ll hold on to my can and sell it on eBay in the future.

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