Ideas for Hawaii’s Second Apple Store

While out running and letting my mind wander, I got to thinking about the possibility of Apple opening a second store at Kahala Mall. What’s a good location for an Apple Store? Then I remembered that the Consolidated Theaters in the mall were still closed after the freak floods damaged the complex. Hmm…

How about redoing the theaters into a massive Apple Store? Not quite like the glass cube Apple Store in New York, but you get the idea. That’s too much space you say, and I would agree unless Apple started branching out into its fledgling media markets. You know, the one where Apple is involved with music, videos, television shows, and movies. Movies you say? Apple doesn’t do movies yet. With Apple’s partnership with movie companies and Apple’s push towards HD and the adoption of QuickTime and high quality codecs like H.264, why not make a move towards movies with a movie theater?

Customers can go see a movie then visit the adjoining Apple Store that’ll be selling movie soundtracks on iTunes by the way. So bring your iPod with you to get instant downloads after the movie. Or thinking more progressively, why not let the people buy the movie they just watched in the theater? Pay an extra $20 to get an iPod-playable version of the just released flick! Go get coffee at Starbucks while your iPod downloads the movie. Go ahead, let your friends watch the show. That $20 you paid covers the cost of admission for two so not all ticket revenues are lost. Also, don’t forget that Apple’s DRM, Fairplay, is still in the mix preventing pirating of these movies.

How about television shows? Would you pay a few bucks to watch a television show (without commercials) on the big screen? How about if the show was an advanced showing that didn’t air on network TV yet? Say $4-5 to watch two shows like Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy on Saturday before they air on ABC on Sunday night? Would that attract viewers? Don’t know. How about including exclusive content that can’t be seen anywhere else. Would that entice people? You’d be among other fans watching the shows so there’s an instant community of fans to talk shop.

I like it!

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One Response to Ideas for Hawaii’s Second Apple Store

  1. susie September 29, 2006 at 8:24 am #

    Kahala mall IS building an Apple store………. i just saw the sign last week on the wall.

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