La Palme Dor Patisserie

Heard a new dessert shop, La Palme Dor Patisserie, opened up next to Shirokiya in Ala Moana Center. Finding it was tricky since it’s facing the parking lot along with a few other small stores.

The store is nicely decorated and the treats look great in the glass case. So many varieties, and the recently-opened store isn’t even in full swing yet.

I tried a coffee dessert that was pretty good. Cost was $4 which is on the high side, especially since the bakery in Shirokiya is right next door. But the desserts at La Palme Dor are the kind of stuff you’d expect at a sitdown restaurant so the $4 price tag really isn’t that bad. Also compare that price with a single scoop of ice cream at the new Ben & Jerry’s at Ward. If you had to, what would you rather spend your $4 on?

La pictures of La Palme Dor are overdor.

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One Response to La Palme Dor Patisserie

  1. Myong Choi July 5, 2006 at 9:46 am #

    I stopped by here the other day. Yeah, items are definitely pricey. The cakes which were no bigger than 8″ in diameter or so were going for about $50!

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