Pearl City Girls Are Saucy

This is a stereotype purely based on circumstantial evidence, but wouldn’t you agree that Pearl City Girls are saucy?

The April 18, 2008 Weekend Edition of MidWeek featured model-turned-drift-racer Verena Mei. The 26-year old Pearl City grad is a top-ranked drifter in the US and is a model. Saucy!

Club 939 continues its advertisements featuring amusing profiles of the employees. Scorpio, Nikki, was recently highlighted as a Pearl City native, and lest you’ve forgotten, Nikki’s been a saucy mainstay of 939.

Not enough evidence for you? Then how about this 90’s Night Out adventure checking out Seduction, the Cover Girls, and C+C Music Factory, followed by an almost rendezvous at Club 939, but instead ending with Sex on the Beach? Now that’s damn saucy!


One Response to Pearl City Girls Are Saucy

  1. Coco Bean April 22, 2008 at 10:41 am #

    Yikes! Not even! You’re going to make people puke. 🙁 Just old and boring.

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