Nuc Med Relief Via iPhone

How do you make an infant lie still for 90 minutes while a GI test is being done using a radioactive isotope? You better have an iPhone 3G handy, that’s how.

To see how things were working on the inside, this GI test was done but badly described to us. Instead of lying down, taking a picture then go play and repeat, it was lie down for 90 minutes straight, don’t leave the table. For an infant who just woke up, lying down doing nothing for one and a half hours is crazy.

We brought DVDs and a portable player, but there was no interest. Holding on to toys provided little comfort. Then I pulled out my iPhone 3G with a segment of Sesame Street on it. Instant silence and contentment as he watched Feist sing her adapted hit, 1234.

Elmo provided some relief as well. But when replays of this Sesame Street segment started losing its appeal, a jump over to YouTube brought in more distracting material. Norah Jones and Elmo singing Don’t Know Why, Debbie Harry and Kermit singing Rainbow Connection, and Andrea Bocelli singing Elmo to sleep.

90 minutes and a drained iPhone battery later, relived parents say thanks Apple and Sesame Street!

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