Reading or Listening to Books?

I just finished reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, or should I say I finished listening to the book? To maximize time during daily commutes, I got the audiobook version of Twilight and have been listening to Ilyana Kadushin narrate the story of Edward and Bella.

Near the end of the story though, I got an used copy of Twilight and read through the ending. I’m not sure which way I prefer – reading or listening to a book, namely Twilight.

Reading feels speedy since Twilight is an easy read, and you can skim here and there. Though at times, I did lose track of who was speaking while reading their words. This is a plus for a narrated version since voice changes easily indicate the speaker. With the audiobook, sometimes I felt like I was zoning out while listening and may have missed a thing or two.

Since I read the end of the book, I’ll probably listen to the same sections and compare which I like better.

  • Keith

    I only listen. What I like about listening is I can carry a bunch of books and listen to different ones when my mood changes. I wish their were more tech books at audible.

  • Gee Why

    Good point. Right now, I only carry around the book I’m listening to.

    Tech books might be difficult to understand in audiobook format? Especially if diagrams and illustrations are needed. Imagine this network setup of 3 routers and 5 subnets…