Go Digital, Save the Petrels!

“What’s gonna work? Teamwork!” is the motto of the Wonder Pets, Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming, and they need our help! To save the Hawaiian petrel bird, the Wonder Pets need you to go digital. As in digital television.

The Hawaiian petrel nesting season starts in February, but the plan is to destroy analog television towers in the same timeframe, making it tough for the endangered petrels to get it on. Instead the Wonder Pets have convinced the State of Hawaii (wonder if they personally know Mufi?) to switch to digital television on January 15, one month before the mandatory national conversion. After the early switch, the analog towers will be destroyed, well before the petrels start nesting, giving them a chance at survival.

So all you analog television viewers, you need to go digital before January 15 to save the petrels. This is serious!

“We’re not too big, and we’re not too tough, but together, we got the right stuff! Go Wonder Pets!”

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