My Digital Plan: SDV Tuning Adapter Pre-Order

After a successful CableCard install from Oceanic Cable, I just got a letter explaining Oceanic’s upcoming shift to SDV (Switched Digital Video). The letter is actually pretty good, clearly explaining the benefits of SDV and why the current CableCards will not work once the SDV change is made.

To compensate for the SDV change, Oceanic (and Time Warner Cable) is expected to offer Tuning Adapters later this year (which is coming up quick). “It is currently contemplated that the Tuning Adapter will be provided at no additional charge.”

To be eligible for a Tuning Adapter, the letter ways to visit or call 643-2337. The web link doesn’t do much and is the same one I used previously. I called the phone number which took me to Oceanic’s Customer Support. The night crew didn’t know a thing about this offer, but I got a call back today asking me to fax or send in my letter to reserve my spot for a Tuning Adapter.

I scanned a copy of my letter and sent it to [email protected] Let’s see what happens next (and when it happens)…

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