Stylin’ to a Lakers Game

On the first day of our Southern California (Socal) vacation, I caught a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game. The Lakers played the Golden State Warriors, and I figured the game would be empty since the Warriors aren’t an NBA powerhouse. I was wrong. The attraction of Kobe, Pau, DFish, Odom, and Ariza brings the fans in!

But first, while in LA, the only way to go to a Lakers game is in style. Yes, we had limo service to and from the game thanks to Emilio.

Arriving at the Staples Center, the place was packed with people streaming in. There are shops and restaurants surrounding the area, adding to the overall buzz. The indoor fan store is huge with all kinds of Lakers gear including stuff for Jordan Farmar.

The pre-game video introduction is a production! Check out the introduction of the Lakers T.E.A.M.

During the game, there are all kinds of promotions and giveaways to keep fans excited and engaged. It was like being in a circus of nonstop entertainment.

Oh the game? The Lakers pulled out a victory after a close first half. The Warriors were really shooting well led by Monta Ellis and Kelenna Azubuike. I don’t know who Azubuike is, but you can’t leave him alone. He nailed open shots. In the second half, the Lakers defense picked up and slowed the Warriors game. Kobe had a quiet night with the entire team contributing. Pau Gasol had 21 points and 14 rebound ands Odom went for 16 and 12.

A fun NBA night where the game happens here!

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