MacUpdate Promo Spring Bundle Available

Other than MacHeist, the other great deal of bundled software apps for the Mac comes from MacUpdate. Their Spring Bundle is now available for $50 and includes 11 apps plus 2 more for the first 15,000 buyers.

The Spring Bundle contains:

  1. TechTool Pro 5. Comprehensive tools for your Mac and hard drives.
  2. Parallels Desktop. Run Windows, Linux, and more alongside Mac OS X.
  3. Notebook 3. Organized your digital life.
  4. NetBarrier X5. Robust firewall and intrusion detection.
  5. DVDRemaster Pro 5. Backup your DVDs and put them on other Apple devices.
  6. Multiplex. Your Mac is your new DVD player.
  7. RipIt. Get your movies off DVD and onto your Mac.
  8. MoneyWell. Manage your personal finances.
  9. Paperless. Digital document manager.
  10. Posterino. Create posters, postcards, and more.
  11. BetterZip. Create and manage compressed archives.
  12. Jets’n’Guns Gold. Bonus for first 15,000 buyers.
  13. CuteClips. Bonus for first 15,000 buyers.

TechTool and Parallels alone make this deal worthwhile, but I wanted to check out DVDRemaster, RipIt, and Posterino as well. So $521.71 worth of apps for $49.99? Got to get it!


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