Eat That Watermelon!

On Saturday, the extended fam headed to the Hawaii State Farm Fair at the Bishop Museum for some sun and fun. Like last year, the crowds were in full force even though we got there early. We became members of the Bishop Museum to bypass the long line for tickets.

Along with the kinda scary Backyard Monsters insect display, there were farm animals, kiddie rides, and all kinds of food. Here are some pics.

The highlight of the day had to be the Watermelon Eating Contest starring our own family prankster. While he’s not playing tricks on family members, triathlon training, or watching an Alien Ninja beatdown, he’s been known to win some eating challenges. Not the professional competitions, but don’t try to take him on. He’ll handily beat you as the crowds of the Hawaii State Farm Fair witnessed.

Let you witness the domination as well.

Watermelon Eating Contest at the Hawaii State Farm Fair 2009 from Gee Why on Vimeo.

Yes, the challenge wasn’t even close, and yes, that guy in black did upchuck pink puke! If the timing is right, maybe the reigning champ can defend his title next year. Time to start the hype!

Update: the lone female in the contest is none other than Martha, a contributor of where she blogs her experience at the Farm Fair.

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