Added to Urban Dictionary: Twestimonial

So I may be a one trick pony with my submissions to the infamous Urban Dictionary, but I have another Twitter-related addition to its lexicon. New to your vocabulary is twestimonial.

In short, a twestimonial is a Twitter-sized testimonial. Simple right? Here’s the “official” definition:

Time is precious and who has time to read long reviews? Get right to the point with Twitter-sized testimonials that tell it like it is.

For an example of a twestimonial, I used the recent tweetup with Chris Pirillo to come up with this:

Did you see my twestimonial giving props to Chris Pirillo? @chrispirillo is the geek’s geek who pwns all of nerdom. He’s the mayor of #awesometown!

So next time, you’re bushtiting on Twitter, drop a few twestimonials like these (or better than these).

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