Hawaii’s Alltop and Top Social Media Geeks

Just making a cross comparison between what’s featured on Alltop Hawaii and Bytemarks’ list of Top Social Media Geeks of Hawaii.

Here is Bytemarks’ list with those also included in Alltop Hawaii in bold:

20. Burt Lum Bytemarks
19. Judi Clark
18. Ryan Ozawa Hawaii Blog
17. Christa Wittmier Honolulu’s Nightlife Diaries
16. Ian Kitajima
15. Donna Nakasue on
14. Liza Pierce A Maui Blog
13. Jared Kuroiwa KGMB9
12. Dan Leuck Tech Hui
11. Greg Yamane Pulpconnection / Susie Collins The Canary Report in
10. Todd Cochrane Geek News Central in
9. Roxanne Darling Beach Walks with Rox
8. Vernon Brown 808 Talk
7. Paula Bender East Oahu Sun
6. Mitchell Dwyer Scrivtriv in
5. Melissa Chang Urban Mix Plate
4. Nathan Kam Kam Family Blog
3. Nadine Kam FashionTribe
2. Andy Bumatai
1. L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine From the Mind of NEENZ

That’s 12 overlaps (see update below) between the two lists. I’m not suggesting that both lists be completely in sync (where would the variety be in that?). So why make the comparison? Just an observation knowing of both these Hawaii focused resources.

I wonder how many top Hawaii bloggers and social media geeks are native Hawaiian? 😉

Update: Thanks to NEENZ, I updated the cross comparison showcasing the local talent which is now up to 17 overlaps.

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4 Responses to Hawaii’s Alltop and Top Social Media Geeks

  1. NEENZ August 21, 2009 at 10:10 am #


    Actually, you should bold:

    Donna Nakasue: She was the first blogger from Hawaii listed on Alltop, in the Moms alltopic.

    Christa Wittmier: Was one of the original bloggers listed on Hawaii.alltop when it first launched more than a year ago. Her blog is: Honolulu’s Night Life Diaries

    Susie Collins: She blogs about Environmental Health, and was the inspiration for us building

    Todd Cochrane: As you know is a leader in the Podcasting industry with Geek News Central. And is appropriately listed in the Podcasts alltopic.

    Paula Bender: She writes for East Oahu Sun, which is listed on Hawaii.alltop.

    Mitchell Dwyer: Manages many blogs, and is in our database under Trivia.alltop. Unfortunately, since his sites were hacked months ago, he only has a static page with a message.

    There should be only (3) on the Burt’s list, not listed on Alltop, but

    Ian Kitajima: Does he have a blog?

    Andy Bumatai: His show is on indefinite hiatus and the site doesn’t have an RSS feed.

    Judi Clarke: Judi blogs about her profession which is Identity, and not Hawaii. We don’t have an alltopic on Identity (yet) and when we do, she’ll be listed.

    So, the number should actually be 17 out of 20 are listed on Alltop in their appropriate alltopics, 2 do not produce content that can be included on Alltop, and 1 is soon to be listed on Alltop.

    As for your question about Native Hawaiian bloggers and/or social media geeks, based on the list above, I am certain of only 2 — myself and Ryan. But, I’m sure there are many more, and many are already listed on Alltop.


    • Gee Why August 21, 2009 at 11:40 pm #

      NEENZ, thanks so much for the corrections! Lots of talent representing the Aloha State.

    • Gee Why August 21, 2009 at 11:41 pm #

      Oh yeah, add one more to the (part) native Hawaiian blogger/social media geek list. 😉

  2. Burt August 22, 2009 at 5:32 am #

    An 85% correlation is reaffirming. The deviation is a result of my subjective criteria for making the list. Although having a blog is key to being on any social media list, I considered a regular video webcast, podcast, active tweeting, community building and support, niche interests and overall positive energy as additional measures of their social media worthiness. Thanks for the continued interest in the personalities. I also feel each one, in their way, is making a difference.

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