The Future Paso Doble Will Be the Krupa Hough

Week 8 of Dancing with the Stars showcased the future of the paso doble, and in the future, the paso doble will be known as the Krupa Hough! This week started the two dances a week for the five remaining couples.

Technically, Mya and Dmitry ruled week 8. Only a 9 by Carrie Ann Inaba prevented perfection. Yes, even Len Goodman was converted. For me though, Mya’s dancing is good but not memorable. I keep waiting for the funk and am still waiting.

Aaron Carter might have seen his last week. Though in the top last week, he had to dance his way out of elimination. With a shaky foxtrot this week, that’s probably enough to send him home. If that ain’t then that unbelievably popping vein in his forehead will shun voters. Each week I’m grotesquely mesmerized by that brain vein.


So if Mya doesn’t have the funk, who does? It ain’t Joanna Krupa, but it is her partner, Derek Hough. That boy is genius as Bruno and Len pointed out. The futuristic paso doble? Out of this funk’n world! Check it out.

Mya and Dmitry are lucky they danced before Joanna and Derek. Otherwise their perfect score may not have been so perfect after Joanna and Derek’s performance.

I haven’t yet watched Kelly Osbourne’s dolly jive in real time yet. I saw snippets but not the entire performance. Still though she’s safe for another week.

And so will Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson. I haven’t watched this freaky paso themed in the 90’s yet, but it must have been just okay with scores of 8, 8, 8. I think Donny will be in the DWTS Finals with Mya and Joanna. From a voter’s point of view, I doubt if either Aaron or Kelly can knock Donny out. Sad but true.

Can Joanna and championship partner Mr. Hough overcome Mya and newbie Dmitry? It’s quite possible. Derek’s choreography and strategy is unparalleled in this competition, and Dmitry is showing cracks in his confidence. Both Mya and Joanna can only perform to the levels set by their pro partners and to me, Derek can set the bar much higher than Dmitry.



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