Thanks for the Memories, LOST

After six seasons, LOST has come to an end, and all I can say is thanks. Thanks for the weekly adventure into the mystical, the philosophical, the mysterious, the fantastic, and always exciting island of LOST.

And thanks for showcasing Hawaii and all its beauty and becoming part of our community. That’s how we got hooked on the show, meeting the stars in our community. Our first personal LOST encounter was meeting Josh Holloway in the parking lot of Foodland Hawaii Kai. He was a regular guy buying his groceries and didn’t mind taking pictures with us.

There was that brief run in with Henry Ian Cusick followed by not one, not two, not three, but four encounters with Jorge Garcia. The first time I was unprepared. The second time was awesome and even awesomer with a blog comment from Jorge himself. The third time was a near passing as I spotted Jorge at the local farmer’s market but missed a photo opportunity. And the fourth time was a surprise as he strolled right in front, parked across from us at Longs.

Let’s not forget the LOST filming inside Club 939. Watch the segment if you missed it, and here are some screen grabs with commentary.

I’m pretty sure that was Sonya Walger aka Penny Widmore at brunch at Halekulani, and that was definitely Naveen Andrews at Ala Moana, shopping at Neiman Marcus and at the Lego store.

There was the accidental encounter of the LOST crew setting up at Miki’s for this brief scene with Miles. And most recently, the filming at Bishop Museum for the music concert that brought together many LOST memories.

So LOST, thank you. Thanks for becoming part of the Hawaii community and thanks for all the great memories.

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