Nike and Apple Sharing Playbooks?

Have you noticed similarities between Nike and Apple products and concepts over the years? Sure there’s the obvious Nike+ collaboration that started back in 2006, but here are a few more commonalities

The lightness of Air

Way back in the day, Nike Air technology was revolutionary. Now the MacBook Air continues the tradition.

I wonder if Apple got its idea for dedicated Apple Stores from Niketowns?

The MacBook Pro and its unibody design? How about the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse with its unibody construction.

And speaking of Hyperfuse, don’t forget the Intel processors inside of Macs support hyper-threading. Oh, and there’s that MacFuse software project.

Nike uses Shox columns for support while Apple like anti-shock hard drives for its laptop line. Nike embraces wires ala Flywire, but Apple wants to forgo wires and go wireless.

The latest rumor is that the construction of the iPad 2 will contain carbon fiber. Do you recall what Nike shoe introduced carbon fiber? None other than the iconic Air Jordan XI.

Bringing carbon fiber to the mainstream

A giveaway that Apple and Nike are definitely sharing playbooks would be Apple following suit with lunar themed products.

And you know Apple’s Steve Jobs says “Boom” only because Nike owns “Zoom.”

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