Thank Goodness for Derek Hough!

I have a confession. This Dancing with the Stars junkie had not watched a single episode from Season 13. I barely even know who the contestants are. Heck, other than Ron Artest, I don’t know who’s been eliminated already.

So there I was in Week 4, watching my very first show, and I admit most of the stars were okay. The dances were serviceable, and the judges scores were forgiving. Then came the masterful mancrush known as Derek Hough with partner Ricki Lake. They danced a difficult tango set to the challenging theme music from Psycho.

From this performance, I remembered what attracted me to this show. From the setup to the dancing to the conclusion, this was all “wow!” And two scores of 10 this early in the season validates the excellence of this performance. The DWTS producers must be thankful Derek Hough is back on the ballroom floor. Now, only if he can endure his recent shoulder injury

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