Pictures of Shaver Lake, China Peak, and the Pride of Pinnacle

Here are some pictures of the Shaver Lake area, the adjacent China Peak ski resort, and the Pride of Pinnacle rental house.

The Pride of Pinnacle is a great rental home that could be epic. It’s centrally located in the Shaver Lake town with plentiful play areas nearby. It’s spacious and very uniquely decorated with fun themes adorning the household. It’s stocked with supplies, kitchen utensils and appliances, a huge washer and dryer, and even games for the kids. So what’s wrong? It comes down to expectations.

The description for the Pride of Pinnacle mentions a lot of features that simply were not working during our stay. Nothing major, but enough for a minor letdown. The lift for the firewood – busted. So you had to run outside to get more kindle. A broken window, broken chairs, burnt out light bulbs all over the house. Household Wi-fi? Advertised, but non-functional. In fact, there was no Internet in the house since the DSL modem wasn’t working. Luckily, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint offered up one or two bars of signal in the area.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d still rate the Pride of Pinnacle a four star location, but it could easily be a perfect five stars with just a bit more maintenance.

Want to see more of the Pride of Pinnacle? Here’s the real estate video tour.

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