Thanks to Chad Ochocinco and His Stolen Starbucks Gold Card

First off, I am bummed that NFL receiver Chad Ochocinco lost his Starbucks Gold Card in a recent car break in. While his iPod and wallet were taken, the wallet was later found with credit cards and license in place. Just his personalized Starbucks Gold Card from the Starbucks Rewards program was missing. The card was charged up with $220 too! 🙁 Hear Chad lament his missing card.

But this does explain an anomaly seen here on Pulpconnection. Today sees a significant surge in traffic going to this post from 2009, Starbucks Gold Is Now Starbucks Rewards.

Seems like there are quite a few concerned Starbucks Gold Card members who are following Chad’s plight. But don’t fret, Starbucks replaced Chad’s card so he doesn’t have to eat all those lemon loaves again.

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