MobileMe Shutting Down Today

Today’s the end of June which marks the official end of MobileMe. By now, you should have migrated to iCloud if possible, but there’s some stuff that can’t migrate over. And this non-migratable stuff will have an impact on Pulpconnection.

In the early days of pulp, I used Blogger as my blogging platform and .Mac’s iDisk to serve up image and movie files. But iDisk won’t make the transition to iCloud effectively busting majority of images on posts prior to January 2009.

I downloaded the megabytes of images but now have to figure out how to import them easily into the WordPress Media Library. The Grab & Save plugin could work if I had more time to go through each post. Add from Server seems like a better way to import a bulk of files. Regardless, tuning each post one by one is inevitable to re-associate the images unless there’s a plugin to redirect URL paths (at least as a temporary workaround).

I would like to create a static CDN setup – redirecting a subdomain to my media library and using W3 Total Cache to point there. Until then, that’s why older posts will have busted images.

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