Grinds at Whole Ox Butcher & Deli

Had lunch at the Whole Ox Butcher & Deli but the darn WordPress iOS app ate my blog post. So anyways, here’s a late blog post and pictures of the onolicious grinds.

We ordered the dry aged burger, the roast beef sandwich, the chicken fried chicken, a side order of potatoes, and one pickle. I thought there would be leftovers. I was wrong. Okay, I lied. Technically there were leftovers – half of the dill pickle. But that leftover didn’t last the rest of the day.

The food is straightforward without too many extra components, accentuating the natural flavors. The interior decor is pretty Spartan without a whole lot of space for diners (the place looks bigger from the outside). Glad we beat the lunch crowd since the line of two customers quickly grew to about 10 as nearby workers flooded the place. Yeah, I’d definitely go back and try anything from their protein-rich menu.


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