Flash, Dominate, 1.3

What does Flash, Dominate, and 1.3 all have in common? These are Nike shoes that I recently ordered hoping to find a good all round shoe. I’m looking for something comfy to wear for extended periods. Unfortunately, Nike no longer seems to make the Metal Max or TL lines that were sturdy and supportive.

Since I couldn’t find all three of these shoes in one retail store, I bought them all online with the intent of returning two (or more… or less).

Jordan Trunner Flash

The Jordan Trunner Flash with the Brilliant Green accent looks cool, but I have my doubts about wearing this for hours. So I kept looking and found the Jordan Trunner Dominate in the Nike online Clearance section at 40% off. The Dominate doesn’t look more supportive than the Flash, but its description says otherwise.

If you’re interested in the clearance section, be sure to check daily with frequent updates and additions. You might even luck out and find the correct size of a shoe that’s $70 off its original price tag. That’s the surprise I found with the Nike Trainer 1.3 Max+ in a dark/cool grey, varsity red, and white colorway. Not my first choice of colors, but it works with that big discount.

Now to try them on and see which pair I’m keeping.

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