“For all intensive purposes…”

Hold up, did I just see that phrase used seriously? Seriously?! “For all intensive purposes” – you know you’re in trouble when the Urban Dictionary has a definition.

Nonsense, it means nothing. Its what people say when they really mean to say “for all intents and purposes”.

Should I even care this erroneous phrase was used? It’s just a mute point right? 😉

  • You’ve been taking notes during our meetings again eh?

    • Ha, actually this was before the meeting! I was waiting for an opportunity during the meeting to bust out this mangled phrase.

      • It pains me listening to our “highly educated” workforce using phrases such as these. However, I must add that engineers were never known for their linguistic prowess.

      • Not from an engineer BTW 🙂

  • Ha! I was going to comment to tell you to correct your headline. 🙂

    • Thanks 😉 I think I have to use this phrase strategically to have fun with people.

  • Just saw a comment to an Engadget article “… Rather insulting to say one takes presidents over another.” 🙂