Holiday Gift Guide: Pizza Hut Perfume

Who doesn’t want to smell like a Super Supreme or a Meat Lovers? Not for you? Then how about the vegetarian scent of Garden Fresh or a Veggie Lovers. Damn, aren’t you already drooling hearing the names of Pizza Hut pizzas?

That’s the basic attraction of the Pizza Hut Perfume. This is another quirky but real gift available in Canada, and it’s in high demand, making this a rare gift indeed.

If you’re on a budget, you could do this alternative. Get Pizza Hut carryout of your favorite pizza pies. Then drive around with your pies, windows rolled up. Better yet, get stuck in afternoon traffic with them. After a one-hour commute, both you and your car’s interior will have that unmistakable Pizza Hut smell that lingers and lingers.

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