So What Happened to Gregg Hammer?

Gregg Hammer has been missing from the 98.5 Wake Up Crew for a long, long time. I thought he was on a break, but it’s been way too long so something must have happened. What, I don’t know, but I do know I hardly tune in without Hammer. Slick Vic ain’t bad, but he’s just not Hammer and doesn’t have that chemistry with Rory. While you didn’t want Gregg Hammer as the lead DJ, you needed him for his comedic genius and fast wit mixed with local style.

The morning drive just isn’t the same without Hammer. Two Voice Tuesdays, no more? Good thing I have some memories. Chris Rock and Martin Yan “Can Cook”. Will we hear Tufi Claus any more?

You remember Hammer’s rendition of his Kumu Hula singing I Ride the Dongs.


Then there’s former UH football coach Greg McMackin’s apology which Rory and Gregg absolutely ripped into. Admit it. You laughed at this painful intrepretation.


Wow, I’ve been following the Wake Up Crew for a long time. Their move from Hot I-94 to Island 98.5 and the rough times that ensued but got better and better.

Where ever Gregg is, I sincerely hope all is well and more so, hope to hear him on the air waves once again.

Update 4-23-2013: After posting this, I was informed that Mr. Hammer left the radio station on good terms and is now pursuing ministry as his life’s mission.

You can still catch Gregg at Dave & Busters monthly. Now if Gregg reunites with the Wake Up Crew on a gospel music channel, that’ll really test my music preference.

Good luck and Godspeed, Mr. Hammer!

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  • goingback2HI.

    Thanks, Gee. I was wondering what the heck happened to him too. His humor will be missed in the morning.

    • Very much so, but he has his calling so all the best!

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  • bobitchin

    never heard that station

    • Island 98.5? Hawaiian fusion format, not my style

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  • brian Molokai

    That’s to bad but he was really three reason I tuned in all these years. Aloha gregg hope your ministry goes well.

  • ant

    pursue ministry?! are you kidding me?! He’s probably punking his fans. this guy was a comic genius who made my mornings with a smile along with my boner, growing up as a teen. I haven’t listened to them in a while, anyone know why they left I-94?

    • ant, not in this case. Check out the Sons of Thunder in Hawaii (here’s an example ). Think when I-94 changed formats awhile back many left, resurfacing elsewhere. Hammer was with Rory on 98.5 then Hammer moved to 96.3.

      • ant

        is he funny on that station? The thing is I liked the chemistry between him and Rory. what happened in i94 station? I left Hawaii almost a decade ago. I just started listening to the wake up crew recently thanks to iheartradio, and I noticed his absence and the change in radio station.

      • ant, I completely understand. I loved the Wake Up Crew back in the day. If you follow my “radio” tag on my blog, you’ll learn some of the history. I-94 changed to an old school jams station then Rory and Hammer reappeared on 98.5, a Hawaiian/Jawaiian music station. Most recently, Gregg joined KRTR 96.3 for Hammertime where he continues to crack jokes. He’s toned it down over the years but he’s still one of the best IMHO. Coolest part is meeting him in person in a parade. 🙂