Racial Overtones?

While doing some research on the popular DisBoards, I came across a very detailed, entertaining, and well photographed trip report on an Alaskan cruise. The daily accounts are fantastic, there are so many pictures to help tell the story, but there’s a big detraction from this specific report – the racial overtones. Peppered amongst the details are references that could very well have been left out, and one board member questions these overtones.


I’d have to agree with this commenter. I don’t see the value added of pointing out ethnicities of fellow travelers. We’ve all been there contending with large groups and families that create an instant queue, but that’s just how it is. Race can’t impact the effects of too many people contending for limited resources.

Now, I don’t think the author intended racial malice, but I think if similar words were used at work, we’d all be attending sensitivity training soon enough.


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