Thanks to Pearlridge and the Flutter Flyaway Contest!

With a flit and a flutter (and an Instagramed tweet), I was entered in Pearlridge’s Flutter Flyaway contest.

Flutter Flyaway

Flutter Flyaway

Late this afternoon, I saw several tweets announcing that I had been randomly picked as the week 1 winner. How great is that?!

You know how it goes. If you don’t enter then you can’t win a contest, but even after entering, you typically don’t win. But once in awhile you get lucky, real lucky, as in a free trip via Mokulele Airlines along with gift certificates for several Pearlridge stores. So I repeat, how great is that?!

The live butterfly exhibit is fun for the family. You learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly, see them in their different stages, watch them eat, and sometimes, they’ll pay you a personal visit. You don’t experience this everyday in a shopping mall. I highly suggest a visit, and of course, participating in the Flutter Flyaway contest. 😉

There’s still time to turn your #PRflutter experience into something extra special. Read here for contest details and watch this video.

Be sure to follow Pearlridge on Twitter and Facebook, and thanks again!

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