Future Starbucks at Windward Mall

Here’s proof positive that Starbucks is headed to Windward Mall.

Coming down the center escalator, what’s that white walled off area?

What's that behind the white wall?

What’s that behind the white wall?

What does that sign say?

Can you read the sign?

Can you read the sign?

Yup, Starbucks coming soon.

Starbucks coming soon

Starbucks coming soon

And I know what you’re asking… where did Cinnabon go? Still listed on the Windward Mall web site, I didn’t see a relocation for Cinnabon, and I remember that the long time Kahala location also closed down. There are still Cinnabon locations at Pearlridge and Ala Moana, right?

Oh, and I don’t know when the new Starbucks location at Windward Mall is opening up. 😉

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