Where to Find Cronuts in Hawaii

Officially, you’re not going to find a true cronut in Hawaii but cronut-inspired treats have popped up in Hawaii. Where can you find these cronut derivatives? Here’s a growing list.

Pacific Beach Hotel

Croissada at the Pacific Beach Hotel. Described as “a delicate blend of a croissant and malasada filled with a Polynesian vanilla Bavarian cream.”



Regal Bakery

BUTTerNUT from Regal Bakery, but you can call them BUTTNUTs.



Halekulani Sunday Brunch

Croissada from Halekulani. Available at Sunday brunch in a mini version.

Dusted with sugar and cinnamon

Dusted with sugar and cinnamon

Saint-Germain Bakery

Croissant Donuts or is it Donut Croissants from Saint-Germain’s Bakery. Available with or without cream but only at the Ala Moana Makai location.



CroDough Hawaii

CroDough Hawaii is mobile to satiate your cronut craving in your neighborhood.


Yes, donut croissants are available at Safeway locations, going for four for $6 (with Club card membership). They are called Dou’ssants.



Leave a comment if you know of or find any other cronut-like creation.

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  • Yvette

    Safeway in ewa beach has a version of the cronut that’s not bad. They’ve got a regular and one with cinnamon sugar. It comes in a box on one of the tables around the doughnut/bagel area of the Safeway ewabeach bakery. If you’ve got a club card you can get a box of 4 four $6! They’re good and very flaky. You can eat them layer by flakey layer. The only thing is they have to be eaten fairly quickly. By the second day they begin to get stale, by the third day, I usually give them to the dogs as a treat. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good, but must be eaten by the next day, so go check Safeway in ewa beach !

    • Yvette, thanks! You must be referring to the Dou’ssants. These are good! I think the best of the bunch actually. Hmm, Thanksgiving and Dou’ssants…

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