Donut Croissants at Safeway

Truly reaching the mainstream, cronut-inspired donut croissants are advertised at Safeway bakeries. I went looking for these mass made donut croissants but couldn’t yet find them at my neighborhood Safeway.

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    […] couldn’t find them in Kailua, and I’m not sure if there are other varieties, but the dou’ssants come in a box (or […]

  2. Where to Find Cronuts in Hawaii - September 25, 2013

    […] donut croissants are available at Safeway locations, going for four for $6 (with Club card membership). They are called […]

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    […] of the cronut has changed names yet again. When the cronut apex was upon us, Safeway advertised Donut Croissants. Then came the more sophisticated French name of the Dou’ssant. Darn delicious I say. Now […]

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