Found the Dou’ssants

A serendipitous visit to the Safeway in Manoa yielded the last box of donut croissants in the store. But not only are these donut croissants, you call them dou’ssants and make sure you really play up your French accent when talking about this fluffy goodness.

Call them Dou'ssants

Call them Dou’ssants

I couldn’t find them in Kailua, and I’m not sure if there are other varieties, but the dou’ssants come in a box (or container) of four for $6.99.


Save a buck as a Safeway Club Card member

Look for them in the stands with the other fresh baked goods. Sadly, I’m too stuffed to try one. Come back tomorrow for a review of a dou’ssant.


Sorry for the blurry pic, too excited

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