JUICIES+ for 2013

Remember the Kickstarter-based Juicies project back in 2011? These playful iPhone and USB cables took the scenic route to ship, but they were and still are colorfully distinctive. My green USB extension cord lengthens my Lightning iPhone 5 cable for a daily charge.

Fast forward to 2013, and Juicies is back to charge up your newer gear. Meet JUICIES+. Instead of continuing their rainbow palette, JUICIES+ is going after cable pliability. You notice how the outer jackets of cables tend to keep their shape over time? If you keep winding a cable a certain way, the cable will want to stay that way. JUICIES+ answer is a “flexible tangle free woven cable.” Made of high quality, certified materials and construction, this charging cable also has the looks to match. Added to the black or white JUICIES+ is now a champagne gold to match the iPhone 5s.


While I don’t have an iPhone 5s, having this gold JUICIES+ is a great way to indoctrinate myself to this new Apple colorspace. Oh, and with a bin of various black and white cables, this golden cable will surely shine. You have a few days to back the JUICIES+ project so don’t wait!

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