Holiday Gift Guide: GoPro Hero 3+

At first, I wasn’t sold. Why would I need an action camera like the GoPro HERO3+? I already have a DSLR, the always-handy iPhone, and even a digital camcorder. Do I really need one more camera?

The answer is simply yes. Use one, and you’ll understand why. First off, it’s tiny and light so carrying it is not a problem. The waterproof housing increases the bulk for the tradeoff of the rugged versatility. Now take the GoPro to the beach, to the pool, into the water, and a whole new world of video and photography is available to you. The pictures and videos are shockingly clear and crisp. Sure, due to the wide angle view of the GoPro lens, you get that fisheye effect, but the GoPro software can compensate if you want.

But never mind that, play with the angles, get a different point of view, capture various perspectives. Have fun with it. That’s the appeal of the GoPro.

There are three versions available – white, silver, and black. The white is the basic model, the silver is mid-level, and black is the best. Recently the silver and black were upgraded to the 3+ version while the white stayed at a non-plussed 3. Oh and the Wifi remote access and control of a GoPro is an eye opener. Use your iPhone to configure and control the GoPro, and even better, download pictures and video from the GoPro to your iPhone over Wifi.

While GoPro Hero prices are fixed everywhere, you can find deals on older GoPro models. For example, Costco (online and in stores) is selling the previous GoPro Hero 3 Silver (no plus) for $239.99 (yes, $10 more in Hawaii).

GoPro Hero 3 Silver (Non Plus)

GoPro Hero 3 Silver (Non Plus)

Once you get a GoPro, go practice your underwater selfie. Capturing a good one is harder than you think.

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