Starbucks Espresso Tumbler Now Available

Maybe, sorta, it depends. Some Starbucks locations have been selling the new tumbler that gets you free espresso-based drinks in January 2014. Yes, although they’re supposed to be available on Black Friday (November 29, 2013) at a $10 discount, a few stores are now selling them at the regular $75 price tag. Expensive, right?

Starbucks January 2014 Tumbler

Starbucks January 2014 Tumbler

Let’s think about this. The tumbler is a grande size, and let’s conservatively assume a $4 price for an espresso/latte drink. After 19 drinks, you’ve paid for the tumbler. Supposedly it’s one free drink per day, but I’m not sure how that’s enforced, so you could get the 19 drinks in less than 19 days. Assume a higher priced grande drink, and you’ll recoup your investment faster. Yes, you won’t be earning Rewards stars while using the tumbler, but at a free drink after 12 stars, you’ll miss out on one, maybe two freebies.

Anyways, if you’re a caffeine addict and want something more than brewed coffee, you’ll rationalize the price of this tumbler. Good luck finding one!

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