Holiday Gift Guide 2013: BVDs

Yes, we’re talking men’s underwear, aka BVDs but not necessarily the tighty whities. Now, it’s super easy to get yourself a clean pair of beebos. Heck, you don’t even have to leave the house. For $95 a year, DaDa will send you a variety of underwear every quarter.

Looking for something more sporty? The Oklahoma Thunder’s Russell Westbrook is designing his own briefs with Kings and Jaxs. How does K&J describe their product line?

The Russell Westbrook lineup

The Russell Westbrook lineup

Every pair of Kings and Jaxs is built with the little man in mind allowing for ventilation and just the right amount of wiggle room insuring everyday is a happy day in and outside your pants!

For the guys (and gals) who have a penchant for gas, he can now cut one without any repercussions while wearing Shreddies. These high tech undies trap the smell but not the sounds of farts so you can be proud and loud at the same time.

For the gals, a related note. Be sure to get the newer line of Lululemon yoga gear. These updated products will conceal your underwear while holding the halasana.

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