Baylor’s Sheer Uniforms Inspiring Next Generation Kicks?

I gotta hand it to Adidas and the Baylor men’s basketball team. Come Tournament time, both rev it up. Gold and green become an ultra bright neon yellow. Attention getters for both the basketball program and the Adidas brand.

From Getty Images

From Getty Images

This year though, Adidas went lighter, not just in color hue but in material opacity. Supposedly, Baylor’s unis for this March Madness run is sheer. It’s difficult to tell how sheer from pictures, but if you have the luxury of being up close and personal (or get a tight zoom via HDTV), you may notice some previously unnoticed bulges and bodily parts.

But really, never mind the transparency of the uniforms. How does this affect the kicks world? Well, how about making sheer kicks. Strong enough and supportive enough but yet have some kind of see-through aspect. You’ve seen the explosive growth of colorfully designed socks, right? Why not take that to the next level, by showcasing these socks through your shoes. A Nike sock with a huge swoosh on your foot that peeks through your shoe? The sock can become another canvas to incorporate in kicks design. Maybe Nike Flyknit technology is headed that way.

All I know is that I’d prefer sheer kicks compared to sheer uniforms.

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