Delighted with Nespresso

There I was, delighted with the service of Hansgrohe, when I saw something else in the kitchen that didn’t look right.


What’s that on the bottom?

What’s that on the bottom of my water tank of my Nespresso U? That looks like rust! Yuck.


Yucky rust

Yup, sadly it is rust, and Google reveals others with the same problem. Not even a year old, I was bummed by this discovery. Then I saw this post on Facebook. So I followed suit and mentioned my problem, providing my Nespresso Club membership number to validate my recent Nespresso purchase.

Look what showed up at my doorstep this week…


Nespresso delivery

Replacement Nespresso U water tank

Replacement Nespresso U water tank

And even better, no charge for the fast delivery.

No charge

No charge

Free and fast – wow! And more amazing, completely done via social media channels. I never actually spoke to anyone for this incident. Truthfully, the original water tank is still usable since the rusted metal is actually on the outside of the water reservoir, but it looks so unappealing.

Thanks for the delightful service Nespresso!

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