Feeling Like a Dirty Oprah?

Oh Oprah!

Oh Oprah!

Sometimes the cravings are insatiable. You have to have it. You need to have it. There’s no contentment or relief until you get some, and of course, we’re talking about getting some Dirty Oprah.

Your neighborhood Starbucks can help relieve your yearning for a Dirty Oprah. Just order one. Hopefully, you’ll get an Oprah Chai with an espresso shot added. If your request is met with a come-hither look, or you get some random concoction then please, keep that to yourself. 🙂

If you’re feeling dirty in extremis, then you need the Dirty Oprah trenta-sized. You assume responsibility for what happens after tapping a trenta Dirty Oprah.

Thanks to the Twitterverse for my education of a Dirty Oprah.

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