Return of the Watermelon Eating Champion

Over the weekend, the sports world learned that LeBron James was coming home while Carmelo Anthony penned, “My city, my heart.” Lost among this NBA hoopla was the return of the champion, the Hawaii State Farm Fair Watermelon Eating Contest champion.

In 2009, the champ took stage and demolished his watermelon ahead of his competitors. Since then, the champ’s been away unable to defend his title. Until now. 2014. July. Hawaii State Farm Fair at Kualoa Ranch. Eight competitors. One winner.

Here’s the action (including a GoPro closeup view).

It was a close contest with bite-to-bite lead changes with Jake, the 2013 champ. But in the end, 2014 mirrored 2009.

Kiss the rind

Kiss the rind

Congratulations to the Farm Fair 2009 and 2014 Watermelon Eating Champ!

Farm Fair Watermelon Eating Champ 2009 & 2014

Farm Fair Watermelon Eating Champ 2009 & 2014

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