Comparing Pics

Like many others, my smartphone has become my most used camera. The quality of the images is more than good enough, forget about zooming, and speed matters (speed of getting the camera ready and the speed of snapping pics). So let’s make some unscientific comparisons between the images from an iPhone 5 and the LG G3. While taking the pics, I pretty much stayed in the same location but did move the phone closer or further to better frame each shot.

Scroll over each image to see the source.

What’s obvious right away is the huge size of the G3’s 5.5-in screen while taking pictures. As a view finder, the large screen is easy on the eyes, but then again a tablet as a view finder is also easy on the eyes but goofy and clumsy looking. And taking a pictures with the LG is by no means inconspicuous. It’s too hard to hide the large form factor to take discreet, subtle pictures. You really can’t hide when taking pictures with the LG G3.

In general, the images from the G3 are sharper and has more detail in low light areas. The G3 uses lasers for its autofocus and yeah, I guess them lasers do work! Though I still think the focusing system of the G3 lags behind the iPhone 5. And hey, the iPhone 5 is two years old, so I hope modern technology surpasses that from 2012. But if I got the time, I wouldn’t mind using the G3 to snap some excellent pics.


My quick assessment – quality of images goes to the LG G3, but overall speed of use goes to the iPhone 5.

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