I Braved the Arashi Blast

No, I didn’t go to the Arashi Blast in Hawaii concerts this past weekend, but I did brave the second best place, Ala Moana Center. You couldn’t escape Arashi while walking the mall, especially the Shirokiya end. Here’s front and center of Shirokiya.


Arashi Blast Shop at Shirokiya

Across the way at LeSportsac.


By the koi ponds. Many tourists were taking pictures here.


Arashi was multilevel as well.


Wait, another Arashi banner?!? Excuse me as I now had to take a selfie.

Even those kiosks selling magic skirts wanted to capitalize on the Arashi spending, welcoming guests.


I am a little bummed I couldn’t find the glorious Arashi hooded towels at a discounted price. It was so hot at Ala Moana, the protection from the hooded towel would have been welcomed.

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