Kickstarted the iPhone 6 Felt Case

Oh my fickleness for iPhone cases. Here I was set on getting a Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal case for my new iPhone 6. But then I heard that while the fit was fine, there was a minor discrepancy with the clickiness of the volume buttons. Nothing major, but I guess a last minute adjustment for these early round of iPhone 6 cases.

So fine, I’ll wait for the next batch and instead bought an inexpensive Modal case from Best Buy. Not the best, but it fits and was cheap. It’s grippy and smooth enough at the same time.

Now I have a soft spot for Kickstarter projects and so does Eri who I happened to notice backed a project called the Felt Case. Simply, this is a felt covered case for the iPhone 6 or 6+. Its look is somewhat subdued but kinda interesting since, well, it’s felt. And the felt is supposed to be tough, grippy, and smooth all at the same time. For $29, I’m willing to go off the beaten path and give the Felt Case a shot. How about you? Watch the video then make your pledge.

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