ShedRain Umbrellas (and More) at Costco

costco-umbrellaIf you’re looking for a good old umbrella, Costco is carrying the ShedRain brand, specifically the Ultimate Umbrella. This model looks similar to the WindJammer model that was previously recognized in The Wirecuter’s Best Umbrella category. But at around $17, I’m guessing the Ultimate Umbrella is different than the $35 WindJammer. Three colors are available – all black, black with polka dots, and red with polka dots.

What else did I spy at Costco Hawaii Kai edition? Lactaid milk is available, but not at the Waipio location (I checked). More good news, this Lactaid lactose-free milk doesn’t taste like a cow. Can you stock up and freeze milk??



Check out these fun puzzles. Watch the piece count though since there are 100, 500, and 1000-piece puzzles available. The Hawaii-themed ones are pretty cool.


Lastly, for you mayo lovers, this is for you. A whole “vat” of mayo, Just Mayo. I feel so greasy all of a sudden.


Bonus! For big kids, there’s this toy horse just in time for Christmas.

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