Checked Out the New “Old” Liliha Bakery

liliha-bakery1Over the fall break, we were in the Nimitz area and decided to check out the new-ish location of Liliha Bakery. This new spot is a welcomed addition to alleviate the strain on the historic original, but this location was equally as crowded. I can’t say parking is any better or worse. There’s a limited amount of stalls since several are reserved for other businesses and getting into and out of the parking lot is tough with the amount of traffic traversing Nimitz.

Once inside, the decor hints to an upscaled experience (more on that later). The ever popular bakery and baked goods dominate the entryway as it should. Also in this area is the recently added Coke Freestyle machine where you can choose from over 100 flavors (orange Coke is nothing special by the way).


Now about that upscaled experience. While the decor, lighting, and dress code of the wait staff all point to finer dining, the actual menu is still the original. Your local favorites, are there but that’s the problem. The old menu selection doesn’t match the perceived modern ambience. I ordered eggs and portuguese sausage and yep, that’s what I got.


The saving grace is those butter rolls lavishly buttered with none other than butter. Slather on that atomic pink jelly and dig in. Just don’t mind your fingers drenched in butter afterwards.


So the food is okay, but the bakery is at a whole different level. When fully stocked, no one can resist. The textures, the colors, the shapes, the variety, the ingredients – they all beckon.


Of course, we left with a small box of goodies to snack on later. Overall, it was a mixed experience. I would definitely go back for the sweet temptations from the bakery, but doubt I would dine in again. But this just in, with their official grand opening, there are additions to the menu like spicy baby back ribs, prime rib, and possibly sautéed shrimp and scallop. Now these dishes befit the overall atmosphere of the new Liliha Bakery. Hopefully there are more tweaks to the menu to balance out the overall dining experience, distinguishing the new location from the old Liliha Bakery.

More pics from the new but old Liliha Bakery.

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One Response to Checked Out the New “Old” Liliha Bakery

  1. Adrian Bagayas October 19, 2014 at 9:30 pm #

    Totally agree. Love the local menu items but they seem a bit out of place with the fancy platters and waiters dressed in fine dining garb. For some reason the food goes better with standard diner issued plates and mismatched cups. I think they would fare better if they offered some “upscale” items that would fit the ambiance (keep the local diner items, but add more fine dining type choices).
    The bakery is without equal though.

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