Lilly Pulitzer + Target @ Kailua


So thankfully, I missed it all. Heck, I didn’t even know about it but just happened to be at Target when the Lilly Pultizer collaboration released. Fashionistas had known about this day, lining up outside retail stores early in the morning or swarming By the time, I was at the Target in Kailua, this is what remained of the Lilly clothing line.


Actually, when I first walked by the rack, it was completely barren. But seems like a few items made it back to the rack. In the back of the store, there was another section for home items, mostly towels at this point. Sorry no pictures, and sorry to the fans who missed out on the Target + Lilly line that supposedly is not being restocked.

Not sure if it was related, but the in-store Target guest wifi network wasn’t behaving as well. Once you connected to that network, Internet traffic was super slow and yes, and its app just would keep throwing errors. Taking a look at the hashtag of #LillyforTarget, you can still get a glimpse of the nationwide craziness and the unhappiness of empty handed shoppers. In the store, I felt compelled to move some of these pastel colored goza mats into the Lilly Pulitzer section just to see what would happen.


Looking at the Lilly line on-line, personally, I’m not sold. Oh, I’m definitely sold on the hype of the product line, loving and hating brands that can create enormous buzz (looking at Apple and Nike). For my tastes, I described the Target + Lilly line as “Easter Hawaiian,” meaning Hawaiian style prints in Easter pastel colors, but some items are eye catching.


But really who am I trying to kid? While I may not be a fan of the Lilly designs I saw, if there was a collaboration between Lilly Pulitzer and Nike, I’d definitely be open minded and would consider rocking the “Nike + Lilly.”

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