Looking at Griffin Technology’s Cove

If you have too many personal electronic devices with chargers and cables strewn about your household then you too should look at Cove, an elegant home recharging center. Long time accessory builder, Griffin Technology, is expanding their lineup with Cove and is using Indiegogo to crowdfund this project. The Cove can charge up to five personal electronic devices at one time and not just iDevices. Any of your gear that charges with an USB cable is Cove compatible.

Learn about Cove…

Right now, there’s an early adopter special of $150 for a Cove for the next 48 hours. I admit that I’m intrigued by Cove, but I have two concerns. I don’t know where I would place a Cove in my household that’s close to an electrical outlet and second, I’m afraid I’ll forget devices in the Cove when the door is closed. But I do have this phone and that phone and that other phone, a GoPro, an external battery pack, a tablet, a mini tablet to charge…


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