Retrain Your Brain at Starbucks Kailua

Not too long ago, the Starbucks location in the heart of Kailua town closed for renovation. That was then, this is now.

Regular patrons, what do you notice right away? Yes, you have to retrain your brain and walk to the far end to place your order. It’s no longer the drink pickup area that’s now near the entrance.

You now go counterclockwise and pass by the counter of goodies.

Not sure what’s so special about this special edition Starbucks card. The “renovation complete” commemorative edition?

The small interior tables have been replaced with a higher seating capacity counter.

And look at the newest edition, the first Clover brew in Kailua!

I like the main lighting in the store…

Along with the accent lights over the Clover.

The reclaimed wood look prevalent in other Starbucks is here.

 But something else is different. What is it?

Oh yeah, I know… There’s no longer a second doorway! The street facing entrance is now a picture window framing the condiment bar.

So go ahead and retrain your brain on your next visit.

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