How Hard Is It to Make Color Copies?

Much too hard is the answer. So I wanted to make copies, actually smaller versions of a school photo. From a color 8×10 photo, I needed a 4×6 and some 3×5 sizes. First, I call Target to see if they have photo services. I was ensured they have a photo kiosk near Customer Service. I ask the rep if there’s a scanner to scan in images. Yes, confirmed. I go to Target to find the Kodak photo kiosk with a yellow sticky saying it’s out of order. Gee thanks customer service. You could have walked the 10 feet to the kiosk when I was on the phone with you.

Next I went to Longs. They recently got the same Kodak photo kiosk system I saw at Target. There was an attached scanner, so I started going through the steps. What a piece of junk that Kodak photo kiosk is. Maybe it’s the hardware, maybe it’s the software, or just that touch screen, but the kiosk would just bug out. At best you could touch the Start Over button and start again. At worst, the kiosk would get stuck in a loop – warming up scanner, capturing image, warming up scanner, capturing image, over and over. When finally one photo scanned successfully, I tried to rotate it. Is it just me or is timing the click on the okay button when the image is rotated correctly much too difficult?

Eventually the system just wouldn’t accept any more and was just hung. So I went to a different Longs. This location had the older Fuji system that was easy enough to operate. The cost of two prints is $0.41 or something like that, but then the clerk says he can’t print school photos due to copyright issues. He had gotten into trouble for doing this once already. I had no release consent form on me since the picture was taken at the beginning of the school year. Maybe I could call the photographer and ask for a release over the phone. Who took the photo? No clue.

Next I went to a neighborhood print shop. Sure, they could resize and print the image…after 24 hours. They needed time to scan and resize the image manually then print it out. 24 hours? Heck, I would have taken a printout made using PowerPoint.

So who could accomplish this seemingly daunting task? Walgreens. The store had two staff members working the photo services desk. A third Walgreens employee helped me with their kiosk system. Seems like the days of 3×5 photos is no more. A 20-minute print time was like 20 seconds, and I had to pay $0.78 for two prints. Woe is me. Thanks Walgreens!

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